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Welcome to the Inventons 4 Sale

This Web Site is devoted only to propagate my resume and to seek partners and/or investors to help patent, sell and/or franchise my ideas and inventions.

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You will find my full resume on the MY RESUME PAGE of this site. It should be in a copyable text format.
If you need it sent by email, send me an email requesting my resume by email.

Thank You,
Ron Whitley

I have invented several things over the last few years, but have never progressed to the final patent stage.

This is why I am seeking individuals or companies that are interested in assisting in attaining patents.

If you are an individual looking for an investment, then I am willing to divide the proceeds 50/50 with any investor or investment group that provides funding needed to obtain a US Patent and aggressively market my product/products.

I have the following products scheduled for assistance:

1) Leg Strap/Harness -
Used to hold one's leg up, while encased in a cast from the knee down or without a cast, but the user's leg or foot must not have pressure on it until the healing process has completed.

2) New Toothbrush design-
Toothbrush head has adjustable head for you to adjust for best brushing comfort.

3) Compact toothpaste tube holder and squeezer.

4) Toothpick casing -
Allows toothpick user to easily clean the back and sides of the teeth.

5) Advertising Chip-
Used to place audio business ADs on highway advertising.

6) Headlight adjustment system -
Assists home auto mechanics adjust headlights perfectly.

7) Personal hair catcher -
for no-mess haircuts at home.

8) Medical history on a bracelet or card. Can be read from any doctor's office.

9) New Style Area Light -
Easy to change fixture or bulb without the
assistance of an electrician. No ladders needed for those tall light poles.

10) New Sock Design -
Prevents the elderly from slipping and falling on slick surfaces.

11) New Power System - New Design !
Produces economical household electricity from an internally generated combination wind source and solar power.

12) Baby Bottle holder-
New item for the car or the crib, that strengthens the baby's arms, prevents spills and lost bottle problems while driving.

13) Scrubing glove for the shower.

14) New Plastic Bag Clip -
Seals plastic bags tight with that "ziplock" like freshness.

If any company or individual wishes to franchise any idea above, the minimum upfront payment required is 10,000.00 US Dollars, plus a royalty agreement.

This may be negotiable, if outright purchase of the idea is desired by the offering party.

Any individual may also purchase my ideas. Suitable payment plans will be entertained.

All serious inquiries - Please contact me by email first and then we can establish suitable times for phone conversations or other contact.

Thank You,
Ron Whitley
(323)294-4020 Home
(323)299-0575 Office

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